View Full Version : Arista C-41 chemicals anyone?

12-Apr-2010, 06:20
The instructions call for the developer to be mixed with water at 120 degs, and the Blix at 125 degrees. Further down the instruction sheet, it reads "use water at the temperature you want to develop your film". Well I want to develop my film at 90 degs on the Jobo, so this confuses me a little. Can anyone clarify please?
Also, Arista recommends the chemicals be used one shot, but if the developer is used say twice, extend dev. time by 8%. Is this fairly safe, to use developer twice?
It seems the blix may be used over quite safely.

David de Gruyl
12-Apr-2010, 07:00
It sounds like the first temperature is the MIX temperature, and the 90 F is the actual temperature for the chemicals and water bath in the tank while developing. I do not see a conflict: you want to ensure that the chemicals are dissolved when you use them.

I am not going to answer the second part.

12-Apr-2010, 07:37
If I remember correctly, you dissolve the powder in a small amount of hot water, and then add water (at whatever temp you want) to make up the rest of the volume. That is, you might dissolve the powder in 200ml of water at 125F and then add 800ml of water at your working temp.

For best results, you would use the chemistry one-shot. However, you can reuse the chemistry to about double to the listed capacity if you don't mind small color shifts and increased grain in the last few films that you process.