View Full Version : Series 9 filter won't fit my Kktar - help!

21-Feb-2002, 19:36
I've got a 250 Wide Field Ektar that (should) take Series 9 filters with the hel p of the retaining ring that came with the lens. I picked up a Tiffen Series 9 f rom Ebay ($18), but it won't fit in the retaining ring - its just a smidge too l arge. I could force it into the ring, but I'll never get it out so that's not an option.

I could gently sand the ring of the filter with emery cloth, reducing it exactly 1 smidge to get it to fit, but wondered if anyone has other solutions that I'm not thinking of?

It's only $18 bucks, so I'm not worried about asthetics.

Bob Salomon
21-Feb-2002, 20:00
Are you sure it is a Series 9 and not, for instances, a Series 93?

Robert A. Zeichner
21-Feb-2002, 20:14
It may be that the diameter of the series 9 filter you acquired is slightly larger than a genuine Kodak series 9. I happen to have a couple and after measuring, it is 3.235". I measured a Tiffen and it is 3.240". Sanding the filter ring down might be a challenge. Know someone with a lathe?

21-Feb-2002, 20:37
It's definitely a Series 9 Photar, and that "smidge" is probably what Robert is measuring as .005". And believe me, that's just enough to keep it out of the retaining ring.

Harry L. Martin
22-Feb-2002, 01:35
Get a different series 9 retaining/stepping ring. I got stuck with a so called series 9 stepping up ring off eBay. The retaining ring is marked 'S 9' and the step-up ring is marked '10 x 12' and '10 x 15'. The filter's size is the right one. My lesson cost me $25.00.

22-Feb-2002, 18:06
Okay, I fixed it. Took all of 10 minutes with a small metal file. Anybody remember back when they took metal shop, and the teacher taught "draw" filing? I gently used the draw file technique in 1" strokes and worked my way around the outside of the filter. Followed that with a quick cleanup using some fine emery cloth and...it fits. Plus I've got a really cool looking brushed aluminum ring!

It's amazing what I'll try so won't lose $18 bucks.