View Full Version : Emulsion lift with Fuji FP100 4x5

11-Apr-2010, 10:33
Does anyone have experience with lifts on this kind of film?

I found it easy to peel off but hard so get it to attach to my watercolorpaper 185gr. When the paper got wet it curved. Maby I need a heavier paper? Or even glue/adhesive to get it to stay.? But this would maby damage the emulsion..

Will give it another try, and would be so happy if anyone had any advice!
How do you do it?

Have a good day!


11-Apr-2010, 10:46
google your thread title-
or this may be helpful

11-Apr-2010, 10:53
Thanks Vinny, but I have seen that pdf and it does only deal with transfers as fas as I can see.
Anyone else have any own thaughts and experiances?

Renato Tonelli
11-Apr-2010, 12:07
Check photo.net
I remember that there was a discussion about this very problem of the emulsion lift not sticking to the receptor.

Jonas Linge
13-Apr-2010, 06:47
Try this:


I used the adhesive from the backing paper. After removing the emulsion, leave it (the backing paper) to soak for a few more minutes. The adhesive kinda swells up and you can scrape and brush it onto the receiving paper. Lay the emulsion over the adhesive and then roll - watch out for air bubbles. Using the Gloss Gel Medium may be a better idea.