View Full Version : I kind of chuckled the whole time I was doing this...

11-Apr-2010, 09:39
... and my wife thought I should be doing yard work.

11-Apr-2010, 10:00
What's yardwork? :rolleyes:

David McNiven
11-Apr-2010, 10:04
Always thought a bordello would be an interesting photographic project but didn't know what the correct etiquette might be and never had a suitable camera...:D :D
Just kidding, looks like a really nice job!
What's a wife?

11-Apr-2010, 10:37
What material is that? I'm thinking it looks like alligator, but I've never seen it dyed to red. Very interesting...
I'd like to do this on my Seneca 5x7, but have too many other projects without enough time.

John Clifford
11-Apr-2010, 11:08
How did you cover that front door? I have wanted to do it myself but cannot figure out how to avoid creases.
A very nice piece of work.

11-Apr-2010, 11:38
To answer a couple of questions... That is red dyed lambskin embossed with an alligator pattern. Covering the door was the easy part... the leather was soft and had plenty of stretch/give to form itself over the contours. Probably the toughest part was taking the whole thing apart. Soo many tiny screws. And of course the rangefinder is gone now too. That thing must have 25+ tiny ball bearing in it! Just couldn't get it back together.

Lenny Eiger
11-Apr-2010, 12:25
What's yardwork? :rolleyes:

It always amazes me when people waste a garage by putting a car in it.... they make perfectly good darkrooms, or wood shops, etc.


Michael Roberts
12-Apr-2010, 21:10

12-Apr-2010, 21:18
Wow, and I thought that only Leica did Hermes or Gucci editions.

Mark Sawyer
12-Apr-2010, 21:44
Does this mean there will be a new reality show...

"Pimp My 4x5"?

Michael Roberts
13-Apr-2010, 06:39
yes, soon to be followed by "Queer Eye for the Straight Photography Guy.":)