View Full Version : Copal #1 Repair

Robert Vigurs
10-Apr-2010, 16:43
Well, I'm happy with my ebay find. Mostly. I bought a late MC 14xxxxxx 210mm. I paid $102 from Shutterblade Outlet. The elements are really beautiful. Some Schneideritis rearward. I can deal with it. The glass really is an upgrade from my single coated 11,xxxxxx. I do wish, however, that they had mentioned the problems with the Copal #1.I left a wonderful feedback before the speeds at 30 and below stopped working. I could see some evidence of (repair?) when first looking at the shutter. I have B, and T. The springs sounded a little uneven at 1, and 2 before quitting. I installed the glass in my good Copal, so I'm good to go, but being myself, I'm driven now to disassemble and find the problem. I taught myself to repair Rolleiflex shutters, to a point. I tried a little lighter fluid, but I don't think it's dried grease, as much as worn parts. I have my magnifier attached to my glasses, and I'm going in. Anybody here with a few pointers, maybe been in to these shutters? Appreciate any info. Thanks. Robert

Robert Vigurs
10-Apr-2010, 16:56
OK. With the top ring removed, (not the timing ring) I see no grease, the shutter looks completely dry. However, with a drop of lighter fluid I now have the pins moving freely, and have 1, and 2 back. Any ideas for lubricant here?

Robert Vigurs
10-Apr-2010, 17:48
Update. I made a little dish of tinfoil, and put some triflow in it. Using a pointed wooden stick, I applied tiny amounts of this thin lubricant to several of the pins, moving parts. All speeds working well now. It dawned on me that I should have used graphite. If I lose speeds again, I will purge the triflow with lighter fluid and use graphite. Ah well, a pretty fun afternoons' work. Still appreciate any info. Thanks, Robert

Nathan Smith
10-Apr-2010, 18:30
no, graphite's really not recommended. It seems to find it's way to places it shouldn't be. A very thin machine oil is the thing, in extremely small quantities. The old adage is: if you can see it, then it's too much.

Robert Vigurs
10-Apr-2010, 20:12
Thanks Nathan for the info. I did remove the timing ring. This appears to be a simple shutter configuration. I used the thin lubricant on the pins I could see. Hopefully will come out OK. Still firing fine. I'll exercise the shutter some tonight. Again, thanks for the input. Robert