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10-Apr-2010, 09:50
Hello, I'm new to LF, I've just bought a Sinar Norma back and a Graflex 2x3 roll film back for 4x5.

I supposed that this roll film back should fit on an international back as well as sheet film holders. But it doesn't fit on my Sinar back. I measured the back, the width is 126.8mm, the width of the Sinar back is 121.0mm, a bit smaller.

I've googled before I bought these stuffs, and it seems that the back fits on a Sinar F. I suggest the specifications of Sinar Norma and F are the same and they use the same type film holders.

Here is what I find: http://www.egksystems.com/RH8onSinarF1/

Does anybody know what goes wrong? Or I've made a mistake? Thanks in advance!

10-Apr-2010, 10:14
No, the 23 back in your photos is a Graflex type roll film holder and won't fit the International style back.

10-Apr-2010, 13:07
Thanks CCB, I realized that I may get some wrong information.

But I'm getting confused with it, as the Sinar back is an international one, why does the roll film back fit Sinar F? which type of 120 film back should I use on this Sinar back?

Peter K
10-Apr-2010, 14:43
But I'm getting confused with it, as the Sinar back is an international one, why does the roll film back fit Sinar F? which type of 120 film back should I use on this Sinar back?
You need a rollfilm back in the size of a sheetfilm holder, 120mm, like a "Zoom" (http://www.sinar.ch/en/products/accessories/61-sinar-grossformat-zubehoer/212-filmkassetten).

Glenn Thoreson
10-Apr-2010, 17:08
There is always a lot of confusion about the various Graflex accessories and the backs they fit. There are three kinds of "Graflex" backs. There's the common Graphic spring back and the Graflok, or International, back. Then there's the Graflex back, which uses it's own kind of film holders. They're a bit wider than the others and the light trap ridge is inverted. That means the groove is in the film holder, not the camera back. Film holders for the Graflex back are grooved on both sides, too. If you have a Graflex 23 roll film holder that fits a Graflex back, you have a rare item indeed. Confused yet? A visit to www.graflex.org may help. The info is there but you have to search for it.

10-Apr-2010, 18:05
Look at the flat, mounting surface of your 23 and you'll notice that it says '4X5 GRAFLEX'. The one you want for international backs will say "4X5 GRAPHIC'.

Ernest Purdum
10-Apr-2010, 18:15
Though useless to you, someone else would be very happy to have that holder. It was primarily intended for the big Graflex SLR's.

11-Apr-2010, 04:12
Thank you everybody, I've searched the information and I think I've figured out this issue, but not 100% sure. Please have a check.

The back of mine is a "Graflex" type back, not Graflok, and it's a little wider than the Graflok type. on the mounting surface says "4X5 GRAFLEX". Therefore it doesn't fit on an international back.

What I need is actually a "Graflok" type back, on the mounting surface it should be "4X5 GRAPHIC" instead of "4X5 GRAFLEX". Then I can use it on my Sinar.

There is one way to tell these two types apart in a picture is the groove of the back. The "Graflex" type has two grooves in both top and bottom as mine, and the"Graflok" type has ridges on the mounting surface instead of grooves.

And international back is just another way to call "Graflok" back.

Do I get the point?

By the way, I see some "Graflok" type 23 back shells on ebay, I'm wondering whether I can just buy this shell and fit my inserts in? I can then put my shell on ebay for a low price, it should be helpful for people who need it.

Ivan J. Eberle
11-Apr-2010, 07:30
If you're going to go to the bother of changing the internal parts, you need to make sure you get a base plate with the right RH-8 sized opening, too.

Better still, find a later production lever-advance RH8 in a Graphic/Graflok. These were improved by the addition of pin rollers at either end of the film gate, which were added to improve film flatness.

Simon Benton
11-Apr-2010, 15:38
It would appear that your back is for a Graflex 4X5 SLR (RB or Super D) with the old style Graflex back. These are quite rare - suggestion is to sell it and buy a 2X3 Graphic roll film holder that will fit a 4X5 Graflok back. Or you could do a trade - a number of people with RB's or Super D's buy a 2x3 Graphic back thinking it will fit but it won't. I made that mistake many years ago.