View Full Version : Motor Base for Jobo 3010? (EU)

9-Apr-2010, 11:44
In the States, everyone recommends the Beseler Motor Base, but I cannot find one here in Germany. Does anyone have a tip for a motor base which I can use with my Jobo 3010, preferably in the EU somewhere so I don't need a transformer?

One photographer suggested that I use a half-full sink and simply spin the 3010 in it, but I don't have an extra sink when I am developing, needing one for keeping the chemicals at the right temperature, and the other for dumping. I could work around this, but prefer a motor base if at all possible.

9-Apr-2010, 12:28
hi carsten,
you should look for the canadian made "simma-roller". compared to the durst the simma is much better build. for B/W processing you should be able to work with room themperature.

9-Apr-2010, 12:43
they come up on ebay quite often.

Patrick Dixon
9-Apr-2010, 13:09
Odd that none show up in eBay history ...

Rick A
9-Apr-2010, 16:56
If you dont have a sink free, how about a large tub filled with water.

10-Apr-2010, 10:06
Actually, I much prefer having the motor to spinning it in water, even if my kitchen were larger, and had three sinks and a large tub, which it doesn't :)

I will look for the Simma-roller on eBay, thanks!

14-Apr-2010, 07:28
Beseler and Uniroller are both working fine for me.

15-Apr-2010, 13:53
Wayne, can you recommend a store where I can find one, hopefully with an international voltage switch? I am having a hard time sourcing a motor base, and it is now the only thing standing in the way of my starting to develop.

15-Apr-2010, 14:13
Oops. I forgot about the voltage and Hz difference. That does work against using these handy & cheap devices outside the U.S. I am sorry. I don't know where to find them outside the US.

15-Apr-2010, 14:34
Okay, too bad. I guess neither Beseler nor Uniroller have a voltage switch? Sigh. Maybe I'll give hand-spinning in a sink full of water a shot then, until I can source a motor base.

Dirk Rösler
15-Apr-2010, 17:37
Get the base cheap and a transformer, no big deal… however you may want to consider a Jobo machine already as you may end up there eventually. I bought mine in Germany for EUR 100 (CPA2)

16-Apr-2010, 04:07
That's a very nice price. I have been considering one of these, or the other one (CPE?), but they are huge and the prices I have seen are much higher, like 300-400, so I thought I would start with the motor, which is really all I need. I could get a transformer, but man, there has to be something on the market for Europe, or?

Dirk Rösler
16-Apr-2010, 06:14
Well, the roller was a US product, for the US market. There are also Ilford rollers, but I have not tried if something like the Experts fit onto them. Again, the Uniroller bases are cheep. I bought two or three, it's nothing. You could even try rewiring them for Euro power as the motor struggles with the big drums anyway. Plus you have the reversal interval problem to solve...

georg s
16-Apr-2010, 06:20
Carsten, as far as I know the CPE2 doesn't work with the Expert-drums. You need a CPA, CPP or one of the bigger Autolabs. Simma-Rollers show up from time to time at the german auction-site - for instance one sold for 16€, another one for 22€ last year.

16-Apr-2010, 12:00
Ah, that's good information, thanks Georg. There aren't any Simmas at the moment, but there are some others which I am checking out. I will post if I find something suitable.

19-Apr-2010, 12:00
Well, it looks like I managed to pick up a Durst Comot motor base, thanks to a PM tip from a member. The cost was €35, but it is as new with packaging, so I am hoping it will last a while. I also hope it is narrow enough for the Jobo 3010 :)