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Darcy Cote
8-Apr-2010, 15:00
Flutots are not taking any new customers due to illness, so who else is doing them. I need a synchro compur cla'd

8-Apr-2010, 15:33
Paul Ebel in Wisconsin. Google him for contact info, I'd rather not post it here.

8-Apr-2010, 16:14
I just CLA'd my own Compur based on two web based tutorials. Just do a google search and if what you read makes sense to you, do it. If it sounds like another langauge, don't.

http://rick_oleson.tripod.com/leaf_shutter_cla.htm -This site is very good in terms of detailed descriptions

I can' find the other website I used (photos of the shutter being disassembled in steps) but THIS is even better:


I wouldn't recommend attempting to adjust the actual shutter speed or take the shutter leaf's apart. Just clean and lube EVERYTHING. You may find that that's all your shutter needs. I did.

Darren Kruger
8-Apr-2010, 16:29
ICT Camera (http://www.ictcamera.com) in Mountain View, CA. Not the cheapest but Fred does a really good job.


Frank Petronio
8-Apr-2010, 16:40
Camera Wiz
Frank Marshman
work 540-434-8133
other 800-471-8133
169 Pleasant Hill Rd
Harrisonburg VA 22801

This is who Emmet Gowin uses ;-) me too. Fast and fair. I like him for Compurs, Ektars, American and mid-century stuff like Graphics.

Amazing how few of these guys have websites or email skills....

Bob Watkins
This guy is super precise, he used to work for Sinar and does Arca's NA service. He also does Noblex and Widelux and custom panoramic rigs.

SK Grimes is always good too but expensive for routine stuff. They can make anything though. Good for Aero-Ektars into Speed Graphics, they make supports and everything.

Lensn2shutter.com is at least as good as Grimes when it comes to mounting big old lenses into shutters.

This guy does fancy lens repairs: http://www.focalpointlens.com

Marflex for Linhof, DAG for Leica, Youxin Ye for bargain Leica repairs. Manfred Schmidt for Rolleiflexes - Google them.

Richard Ritter fixes wooden cameras like Wisners and Zone VIs, plus he fixes Pentax Spotmeters.

Quality Light Metric Co - best light meter repair place
(323) 467-2265
7095 Hollywood Blvd Ste 550
Los Angeles, CA 90028

8-Apr-2010, 16:45
really, any competent camera service technician out to be able to do a decent cla on a shutter. Look for one that's been around for a while. There are still many around.

The guy at Apollo Camera repair in Oakland has done shutters for me for $65. One week turn-around. He has even correctly identified an old compur just by hearing it cocked and released a couple of times - he was across the room working on a camera, the lady helping me at the counter was exercising the shutter...he looked up and said something like, "those old Compurs...."!

I am sure the old German guy that used to work at Apex in Walnut Creek could do the same.

AJ Edmondson
8-Apr-2010, 19:38
As noted above, Frank Marshman. Fast, fair and does excellent work. Does a super job on the old No 5 shutters too!

Chuck Pere
9-Apr-2010, 05:23
Paul Ebel did my old compur. Works great now.

9-Apr-2010, 13:41
For smaller formats, a few adds:
Yashicas should be sent to Mark Hamas. He was factory trained/employed, and bought up all the remaining service parts when Yasshica's camera service department went TANGO UTAH.
Canon FD gear can go to Ken Oikawa. He was factory trained, and a Canon employee for many years from what I've heard. I don't know what parts he has access to, but he's fixed a few lens issues with new parts that magically arrive from somewhere.
I've had great service from both gentlemen in the past.

Peter De Smidt
9-Apr-2010, 15:04
Gus at OC Camera in California does good work.