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21-Feb-2002, 00:53
greetings: i have searched the archives with no luck trying to find information about a kowa lens. it is marked 1:075/65mm. i know kowa made a lot of medium format lenses, projector lenses and large format lenses. this one looks like a large format lens, but i am at a loss about what it will cover. does anyone know where i might find information about the kowa company to see if they list this sort of information on their website? i have searched with google , alltheweb (fast.no) and alta vista with no luck. thanks in advance for your help ( as usual:))! - john

pat krentz
21-Feb-2002, 02:31
Kowa has not been in business for over 20 years. I have a couple of these very fine camera's and I also have the lens manuels, send me an e and I will send you a copy of it. Pat

21-Feb-2002, 08:37
It is a relay lens from a fluoroscope machine, used to image the screen on film. Very specialized, useless for most general photographic purposes. There seems to be a company in Ohio that's dismantling fluoroscopes and selling the lenses on eBay.

james mickelson
23-Feb-2002, 14:05
Kowa is still in bussiness but not making cameras or camera lenses. TRhey make great spotting scopes and specialized glass for industrial and labratory uses. James

23-Feb-2002, 18:25
Kowa also made process lenses which make fine LF taking lenses, but 65mm seems a tad (OK, a lot) short for a process lens