View Full Version : Omega/Toyo Interchangeable?

Charles Hansen
20-Feb-2002, 22:28
I have an Omega 45E which I bought about 25 years ago. At the time, the Omega/To yo line was handeled by the same US marketing firm. My question is, are items li ke lensboards, for instance, interchangeable among the two lines of view cameras ? Can I buy a Toyo lensboard(s) and use them on my Omega? Thanks!

Jeff Scott
20-Feb-2002, 22:32

Dave Schneidr
21-Feb-2002, 01:09
Charles, If you need Toyo/Omega lens boards contact me via private e-mail. I had an Omega 45E which I have retired. I must have a half dozen lens boards. I may also be able to help you out with parts for the 45E.