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6-Apr-2010, 11:02

I own a Fuji PA-45 back for my 4x5" viewfinder camera. I have loaded the 10 instant sheets (from Fuji, FP100C45) into the holder but when I shot pictures, there is a shift !

What is surprising is that this is the first time it happens.

Video presenting how I loaded the films : http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xcnuh5_chargement-d-un-dos-fuji-pa-45-pola_lifestyle

Here are the results :
#1 frame : http://www.cijoint.fr/cj201003/cijlCkacRA.jpg
#2 frame : http://www.cijoint.fr/cj201003/cijj9zrzWc.jpg
#3 frame : http://www.cijoint.fr/cj201003/cij5pOTXY9.jpg

Even if I clean the rolls and put another cartridge of 10 sheets films (I don't the name in English !), it happens the same... :-/

Do you know what I am doing wrong ?

Thank you for your responses !


Steven Barall
6-Apr-2010, 11:44
I'm sorry because I know that this doesn't answer your question but I have to say that the third of those photos is really cool.

As you pull out one sheet for processing it is partially pulling the next sheet or sheets also making several sheets visible to the exposure at the same time because they are not neatly tucked behind each other. The only thing that I can think of is if maybe you are holding the film holder the wrong way while pulling the film through the rollers. If you are squeezing the holder by putting your thumb and fingers on the top and bottom flat surfaces and not the skinny edges in order to get a good grip on the holder you might be restricting the movement of the film in the holder causing the film to jam up.

Other than a manufacturing defect that's all I can think of. Good luck.

Tim Povlick
6-Apr-2010, 12:13
Hi Jean-Romain,

I have this film pack also and load it like you show. The white tabs I make sure to tuck inside a little bit so none are showing. Pulling the black tab pulls the first white tab out. It looks like there is multiple exposures going on. The dark slide is pulled out the the place indicated on the slide.

I assume you
1 move dark slide
2 take image
3 replace dark slide
4 pull which tab
5 pull film tab
6 time development
7 peel apart

Minor point when closing the pack after loading film I squeeze the two tabs to save wear on the latch mechanism. I do this whit all cameras etc when an old timer Watch Collector showed me this. The model is very photogenic.


6-Apr-2010, 16:43

You were right ! With the same film pack I encountered issues, I shot three new pictures and I just remove the holder from the camera between each take to put it horizontal, on a table.

I laid it down flat to remove the film part and... magic... every pictures went out flawless !

Thank you so much !

Here are the three correct pictures (the marks on the second one is due to the chemic in contact with the scanner glass, the photograph is actually without these marks) :