View Full Version : Specs for Fuji lens

Andy Yeo
15-Jan-1998, 02:48
Just bought my first LF lens, a Fujinon-W S 150/6.3, mounted on a Seiko shutter. My only reason for buying it is that it was available. Does anybody have any e xperience with this lens, good or bad? What is the image circle? Thanks.

25-Jan-1998, 16:44
hello, I think I have the same lens. I love mine. It too is in a Sekio shutter and th at has not been a problem. I just tested the shutter and it is a little slow bu t all the other lenses and shutters are too. I use the 150mm Fuji as my main len s on the Deardorff 5x7 for that wide angle look I like. It covers very well and seems to be sharp.

Patrick Raymore
9-Feb-1998, 15:23
150, f6.3 Seiko sync shutter with blade arestor (press focus), to f64, 67degrees angle of view, tessar design. No longer made by Fuji. Unusual in that it has a wide angle of view for a tessar design and is very small.