View Full Version : Busch pressman d with Graphic back ?

4-Apr-2010, 17:38
I've got an older Busch Pressman D which takes what I believe are Graphic film holders.The film holder has slots in the top and bottom and fits into the camera back via a raised ridge on the bottom and a metal band (with 2 angled slots) that slide down and hold the film holder in place.There's no ground glass to focus with.I've seen Graflok backs for sale,do they have a ground glass normally and do they allow the use of the Lisco and Riteway film holders?Would one need to readjust the Kalart finder? I'm kinda need to this stuff! Thanks,Peter

4-Apr-2010, 18:37
Your camera was probably modified at some point. Sounds like it maybe modified to take the Graflex 4X5 SLR holders etc. But I don't know without seeing it in person.

A Graflok back usually has a slip on (and removable) ground glass assembly.

I modified my Busch Pressman D by removing the Busch back and adding a Graflok back assembly from a Crown Graphic.

The Kalart rangefinder is adjusted for the lens in use.