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19-Feb-2002, 21:30
hi, referring to my previously posted questions, just thanks your advices first, but i still can't make up my mind,instead i have the following fantasies:mind u that i will use in 69 format 90% of time!!! (a)i want a relative general multipurpose lens, rendering me to use in landscape (first priority), macro (second priority), but as Glenn said , he will recommen d " A 100mm plasmat (Apo- Sironar, Apo-Symmar, Nikkor-W or Fujinon CM-W) " for m uch better results in macro work, lighter weight, sharper and more affordable, i nstead of 90mm SA , why is it so? (b) will those macro lens by a choice? e.g. 100m apo macro symmar/apo macro siro nar.Because in 135 format /Medium format lens, macro lens do have better perform ane in both macro and infinity images. (c) if i use 90 SA in 69 , and it will become even wider in 45 format, so i can have "2" ranges of lens with 1 lens,1 in relative normal, and another in moderat e wide angle,will it be justified? (d) does schneider 110XL fall into my needs, (being a excellent lens in landscap e , and good lens in macro works? once again, i use 69 format 90% of time.

20-Feb-2002, 01:48
The 90's are all designed to cover 4x5 as a "standard" wideangle lens - their formulas will give inferior results in closeup work, it's one of the compromises of the design. If you want a short lens strictly for macro you can get 4"-6" Apo Artars or a 150mm G-Claron at decent prices, if you have really deep pockets you can get one of the new "digital" lenses. Get that and a 90 and you'll be set. The 110 Symmar XL will not give you the angle of view of the 90 or the sharpness of a "macro" lens - it will come closer to both than any other single lens out there, but at a cost. For the same amount of money you can have both a 90mm f/8 and an Apo Artar or G-Claron.

Victor Randin
20-Feb-2002, 08:56
Why not the Super Angulon 65mm f5.6? This is a very good for general purposes and macro in 69 format too. In addition it does cover 4x5" though very tightly (seems 171mm or 174mm of coverage).