View Full Version : does anyone have horseman 4x5 or horseman parts laying around?

2-Apr-2010, 13:44
I was having a really hard time finding horseman parts online, and ebay barely has anything useful. I was hoping to find some levers that broke off that are for loosening and tightening the swing. Here is a link to my other post in the sale section:


This post is for getting information about where I can find stuff, so please don't move it to the other section where I already posted.

Thank you!

(I just want as many people to see it as possible I am in dire need!)

- Tyler

Ken Kapinski
5-Apr-2010, 13:14
I don't have the part you are looking for, but have you tried the Horseman repair center?



john biskupski
5-Apr-2010, 13:24
Following the last post, ask Komamura service for the parts breakout diagrams, so you can indicate to them precisely which parts you need to replace.

I'm in UK, and Alex Faulk at Mr Cad, who distribute(d) Horseman products, arranged for replacement bail arms on my 45FA from Komamura, following such a procedure.

5-Apr-2010, 17:14
Thank you very much guys!