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2-Apr-2010, 08:02
Newbie to the forum, oldie to the format. Sold my Sinar P2 to Jesse from this forum and he suggested I join.

Not sure of the value on these and looking to get some input.

All are in very nice cond. Still an active commercial photographer, but no place in town for processing.

Fujinon W 150mm f5.6 Copal shutter, Caltar llE 210mm f6.8 MC Copal 1 shutter, Schneider-Kreuznach Super Angulon 75mm f8 synchro-compur shutter, Rodenstock Grandagon-N 90mm f6.8 MC Copal 0 shutter.


Ken Lee
2-Apr-2010, 08:17
Hi Izzy -

Sorry for any confusion. Thanks for posting again.

I have taken the liberty of marking in bold-face, your request for suggestions about price.

One place to look, is on eBay for completed auctions. Other places you can look, are vendors who have these same items for sale, such as MPEX.com, KEH.com, etc.

Gem Singer
2-Apr-2010, 08:30
Go to www.keh.com. They list the largest selection of previously owned lenses in the USA.

Click on "Large Format". Click it again when the next page pops up. (this is a very slow site).

Click on "Fixed Focal Length Lenses".

Click on "Show All".

Scroll down to the focal length that you wish to compare.

This will give you an indication of what these lenses are selling for on the used market.

If you eventually list them for sale on this forum, expect to get 2/3 to 3/4 of the prices that KEH is asking.

2-Apr-2010, 09:22
Thanks for the suggestions,