View Full Version : converting kodak monitor 616

anthony marsh
1-Apr-2010, 08:21
I know,it's not large format,but I would like to be able to use it.Does anyone have advice for converting this from 616 to 120 film or do you know who might do a conversion?

Chauncey Walden
1-Apr-2010, 13:15
It could be as simple as adding any kind of a spacer to both ends of a 120 feed spool and taking up on the 116 spool. Next thing to do might be to add a mask of thin plastic so that the edges of the film are supported.

Nathan Smith
1-Apr-2010, 13:36
Check this out:

that article implies that, like 620 cameras, the 120 spool is the right length, but is too wide so you can either respool the 120 film, or trim the ends of the 120 spool. I've done that for 620, but you need to be careful as you can get a small amount of light leak at the edges.

From the article:

3.1 Film Preparation
The film this camera was manufactured for (or vice versa) was 116, and was 71mm wide. We can use modified rolls of 120 which are 63mm wide, but not 220. But first, the spools of the film need to be trimmed.
-120 spools have 25mm diameter
-film cavity in camera has tolerance of 24mm
-trim to 23.5mm 24mm
-use nail clippers, finishing with sandpaper or emery board for smooth edges
-sand away from paper fold to avoid dust entering film
-use canned air or breath to blow off any dust
*there are places online that will sell 116 film, but its far cheaper to make it work with 120