View Full Version : #0 adapters for #00 shutters?

John Elstad
18-Feb-2002, 07:48
Hi all, this is a follow-up to an earlier discussion, "How to keep #00 Synchro C ompur shutter open for viewing/focusing? (John Elstad, 2002-02-15)" wherein I as ked for suggestions on where to find a 4x5 Pacemaker Speed Graphic lens board wi th a #00 hole. I received many helpful responses and thought I was all set, but I came up completely empty. The places I called included: Midwest Photo Exchan ge, Stephen Shuart, Equinox Photographic, and Brooklyn Camera.

Anyway, now I'm considering having something fabricated, but I'm not sure what's the better route, creating a #0-to-#00 hole adapter, or creating the entire len s board with the correct size hole. I was thinking that creating a complete len s board would be the better way to go as it would probably be sturdier and more reliable, but then I thought, "Hey, there have got to be a lot of people also lo oking for #00 lens boards. Maybe I could offset the cost of fabrication by maki ng a bunch of them and selling what I don't need." Since most people needing a #00 hole are probably not using 4x5 Pacemaker lens boards, maybe the adapter wou ld be a more universal, and hence, more popular option.

Anyway, for those of you who are still with me here, what do you think? Would a n adapter be useful? How much would it be worth? Is there enough demand for 4x 5 Pacemaker lens boards to simply make a bunch of those? Any and all comments w ould be greatly appreciated.

Scott Soper
18-Feb-2002, 09:30

I was in the same situation. I purchased two #00 to #0 adaptors from S.K. Grimes (www.skgrimes.com), and they're perfect! I seem to recall they were about $30 each. Now, if I ever change cameras (again), I know I won't have to hunt for hard-to-find #00 boards.

neil poulsen
18-Feb-2002, 10:53
With a little ingenuity, you can make your own. Cut a hole in the lens board just a bit larger than the shutter. Purchase a sturdy piece of plastic from a hobby store, and cut a square that fits inside the back of the lensboard, which leaves about a 1/4" border between the plastic and the edge of the lens board. Cut a hole in the plastic that fits the shutter, as if it were the lensboard. Paint the plastic a flat black. Drill four small holes symmetrically near each corner of the plastic, matching with holes in the metal lens board. Paint the plastic a flat black and secure it to the lensboard with four small black nylon bolts. You might have to touch up the bolts on the back of the board with a little of the paint so that they're non-reflective.

Or, blank Pacemaker lens boards come up occassionally on EBay.

Jim Galli
21-Feb-2002, 15:33
You might try wrapping ordinary solder like a plumber would use around the throat and see if it would take up enough space to "locate" it to center. Solder will crush as it's tightened against and flatten to shape.