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30-Mar-2010, 19:52
Hi all,

I'll be going to the Adirondacks this thursday for 4 day stay. I know it is not the best time of the year to be there, but I have a small vacation now so it is the time I have.
I'm staying near the village of Hague on the north section of Lake George. I'm taking with me my Busch pressman D and Toyo 45G.
Does anyone know of some good spots nearby for scenic photos where I can easily take my gear, like a hiking trail?
Thanks in advance.

Louie Powell
31-Mar-2010, 05:07
Leo -

Actually, even though Hague is inside 'the blue line', it hardly qualifies as Adirondacks. But it's still a nice place. Chilly this time of year.

Some suggestions:

1. Drive up the Northway to exit 30. Follow Rt 9 briefly to Rt 73, then head toward Keene. Cascade Lake (actually, a pair of lakes separated by a small picnic area) is very nice.

2. Drive north on Rt. 9N. Just before getting into Ticonderoga the road passes through a cemetery. The cemetery itself is scenic, but there is a small stone chapel (on the east side of 9N) that is very nice.

3. Continue north on Rt. 9N headed toward the late, lamented Champlain Bridge. The bridge is gone, but just to the left of the roadway to the bridge are the remains of a set of pre-revolutionary era fortifications.

4. Head south on 9N. Just north of Bolton Landing there is a small parking area on the left overlooking a very small pond. Can be interesting this time of year - but if the pond is frozen, the ice may not be strong enough to walk on. Just beyond the pond, also on the left, is a parking area and trail head.

5. Continue south to Bolton Landing. I think the Sagamore is still closed for the winter, but you may still be able to wander around the grounds. Impressive views of the Lake. If you can't get onto the Sagamore property, drive through the village, and look for a building on the left (east side) that looks like a church and that now houses a museum. Just to the right of this building is a road that leads to a parking lot at the town landing. Great views of the lake from the pier.

6. South on the Northway to exit 21, then take 9N south/east to Lake Luzerne. As you come into the village, look for a parking lot on the left at the lake. On the right there is a small park - take the road by the park and look for Papa's Ice Cream. Hopefully, it will be open - great home made ice cream. Just beyond Papa's is the Lake Luzerne Library. Walk behind the library to find a path down to the rocks on the Hudson River. This is a rough, whitewater stretch of the river, and there are interesting scenes to be found in this area.

31-Mar-2010, 14:21
Thank you Louie, that was helpful. According to forecast, It should be close to 70 degrees, so I think I'll enjoy myself.
Thanks again.