View Full Version : Are there any black and white quickloads?

Alex Horvath
11-Apr-1999, 14:26
I have been spoiled by the quickloads. Any black and white quickload film?

Ellis Vener
11-Apr-1999, 15:18
Fuji makes Neopan 80 in Quickload. Never heard of it? That is because it is not marketed in the USA but is availible through dealers and stockhouses in Europe and Japan. Check through the archives here on the Q&A page and also in the static content on the homepage to find more threads about QuickLoads and Readyloads as there are at least a couple of posts (by me) on the subject.

There is also Tmax 100 availible in Kodak's Readyload system, which some people have really bad problems with and some no problems at all.

Finally, supposedly Fuji will be bringing out NPS (an ISO 160 color negative film) in Quickload packaging this summer in the US.

Chad Jarvis
11-Apr-1999, 16:36
Why not just use Polaroid Type 55? It'll not only give you instant results, but will provide a negative if you carry a bottle of sodium sulfite with you for fixing.

Ellis Vener
11-Apr-1999, 19:01
Chad, Like you, I use Type 55 for this purpose but there are a couple of drawbacks: it is messy to deal with in the field and then there is the fragility of wet negatives. Also it has a different look than conventional materials. i happen to like that look but not all the time.

mike rosenlof
11-Apr-1999, 19:45
I've pretty much decided that developing type 55 out in the field is a bad idea, though I love it at home. If you treat it like a "normal" film that you take home before developing, it might be OK, but loose one of its wonderful characteristics. There have been many times I've greatly improved an image after seeing that first Type 55 neg.

Type 55 produces a nice negative. You can't overexpose quite as fearlessly as you can with standard B/W films, so you have to be a little more careful with exposure.

James Chow
12-Apr-1999, 00:09
Fuji also sells NS 160, NL 160, NC 160, and 64T in Quickloads, though not in the US. Quickchange is only available in Astia, Velvia, Provia.

Brian Breczinski
12-Apr-1999, 11:44
I've been told that the B&W Fuji quickload film is high contrast.