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30-Mar-2010, 10:37
So I saw this nifty old camera on the auction site…..
It looked so neat and the price was so good (about $30 US), I couldn’t resist….

You have heard the story before.
So I am posting this thread to find out what I purchased.

Have attached two pictures. One picture is taken from the front of the camera and another taken from the back. The second picture shows the removable ground glass and focusing hood partially removed from the camera.

Let me describe the camera:
-it is a collapsible view camera with ground glass and collapsible focusing hood.
-to expose a sheet you need to slide out the ground glass and slide in the film holder
-the camera has no manufacturer markings
-there is a plaque, with the words “NIJMEGEN CAPI” nailed to it which Google suggests to me is the name of the Camera distributor in the Netherlands.
-the lens is marked Anstigmat 135mm f6.5 (no brand)
-the lens is mounted in an AGC shutter marked VARIO with speeds 25,50,100, B, T
-the ground glass measures 3 1/4 by 4 3/8 inches
-the film holder dark slide opening is 3 1/4 by 4 5/8 inches

the camera came with a film holder which fits the camera but is clearly from a different manufacturer.
-The leather on the film holder is different and the film holder is embossed with a Zeiss Ikon logo (there are no Zeiss markings on the camera).
-I shoot with a 4x5 Nagaoka which takes a normal 4x5 film holder (so I know what that looks like). This film holder is different and does not mount on the camera like modern film holders. It slides into the same grooves which hold the ground glass.
-The film holder has a hinged back. The first posted picture shows the holder open.
-the film holder appears to be for a “film pack” of some sort which holds multiple sheets.

If you would like to see more pictures of the camera, the auction link is still up:


The camera, bellows and lens are in excellent condition and the shutter appears to work properly.

So does anyone know:

-what model/brand of camera is this?
-what film format this is?
-can you still get film for this format?
-can one acquire a single sheet film holder for it or modify a modern film holder?
-any other interesting trivia about this type/style of camera?

thanks for the help

Peter K
30-Mar-2010, 11:32
Sorry Frank, this is one of the millions of similar cheap 9x12cm, not 4x5", cameras made in the first fourty years of the last century. Without plateholders of no use at all. The last packfilms for the shown holder where made at least thirty years ago. But if the packfilm-holder fits to the camera you can use it as a sample to look for plate-holders. With such holders one also needs sheetfilm inserts too.

30-Mar-2010, 14:18
thanks for the response
I was under no illusion about what I was buying

certainly realized it was not 4x5 before I bought it
but did not know that is was 9x12
there are a number of old sheet film formats out there
and I didn't know which this was

figured for $30 it was cheap entertainment to play around with it

do you know if they still make 9x12 film
and where one can purchase it
B&W not colour, I would prefer to develop it myself

Peter K
30-Mar-2010, 15:11

9x12cm is still aviable e. g. from Ilford (http://www.ilfordphoto.com/products/productlist.asp?n=6&t=Consumer+%26+Professional+Films).

But the biggest problem is to get holders. There where so many different holders and almost no seller knows what kind of holders he has. So it's a good idea to carry your camera with you if you look at fleamarkets, shops for used photogear etc.

Good luck


30-Mar-2010, 18:37
Not many places in North America stock metric sized film. Look across the pond for regular availability.
http://www.fotoimpex.de/shop/filme/planfilme/9x12-cm/ is the first page of two when searching their site for "9x12".

13-Nov-2010, 17:23
fwiw if you look at fleabaholdery.de or .fr, .it you can find 9x12 cameras and film holders. I use google chrome and it offers to translate those sites while you visit I'm sure yoyt them. I just bought a couple (one to scavenge parts from since they are so old), with a few holders. Zeiss Maximar, Voigtlander Avus and Bergheil seem to be the most popular models. The KW Patent Etui is the thinnest model in 9x12, while the Kodak Recomar might be the most parts and accesories friendly. Be sure to look for holders though. Get 9x12 film from Freestyle, they stock Efke 100.

Robert Perrin
14-Nov-2010, 16:03
I might be overly optimistic but it looks like you could fit a sheet of film in the film pack adapter with a little filler, maybe black foam board, behind it. If I were trying it, I'd cut something out of a 4x5 to fit the full size of the FPA. For truly accurate focus there should be a few thousands spacer to simulate the film pack's case.

Glenn Thoreson
15-Nov-2010, 18:49
The camera looks and describes like it's a Zeiss Taxo. The lens is probably a Novar Anastigmat, a much maligned triplet that, when well stopped down, is very sharp. I have a 120 roll film holder or two for one of those, and maybe a sheet film holder or two. Roll holders for these 9X12 cameras are as rare as hen's teeth. I'd be happy to sell the whole works, including the camera for some kind of money, or trade for something I can use. :D