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30-Mar-2010, 01:14
Hello all.

Some months ago I purchased on e**y a Sinar wide bellows. I´ve received it in December but I wasn´t home. When I arrived (two months later), I inspected the bellows and I saw that it have two 1cm linear cuts. I contacted the seller but he told is too late to return the item.

My only choice is to glue it - until I will can buy another. I didn´t do this untill now. Do you can give me a little tutorial? Some indicated glue? The cyanoacrilate is not indicated because when dry can crack. The bellows material it looks to be textile. Someone of you does this kind of repair?

Any reccomendation is welcome.

thank you.

30-Mar-2010, 01:52
Haberdashery shops have adhesive black nylon fabric patches and an assortment of textile glues. You might check whether the former, maybe applied in layers, is sufficiently light tight - I have successfully used it to patch quite a few pinpointed bellows, but large gashes might be straining it a bit too far.

Beyond that, textile glue (I'd recommend "Gütermann textile glue", available at least in Germany and Ireland - it is the most flexible and sticky I've come across, I use it for bellows rebuilds) can be used to glue bits of dark bag or focal plane shutter fabric over the gap.

30-Mar-2010, 02:15
Gaffer's tape can work quite well for that application, though it may have another name on your side of the pond.

30-Mar-2010, 07:50
Seems the normal contact cement glue is your new friend...;-)

31-Mar-2010, 17:18
cement glue?..

Fred Haeseker
31-Mar-2010, 18:56
I've used Bostick & Sullivan's $15 bellows patch kit with good results. It consists of 200ml of a neoprene rubber patch (goes on liquid, fully dries in a week) and 18 inches of dacron reinforcing fabric, with full instructions. Here's the link:

Tracy Storer
31-Mar-2010, 21:36
cement glue?..

Some call this "rubber cement" same adhesive used for gluing laminate like used on kitchen surfaces as well as gluing shoes that are falling apart.

1-Apr-2010, 01:39
cement glue?..

Nothing to do with cement used in building...:) It's an old fashioned "rubber" glue - elastic, with excellent holding power even in low and relatively high temps. Will hold very well on your bellows - in fact, it is used on view cameras to glue bellows to the frames but will serve you well on your bellows too.

8-Apr-2010, 18:27
thank you all.

I´m trying the rubber glue. I hope to not meet strange lights in the negatives..