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30-Mar-2010, 01:12
Hello all.

Some months ago I purchased on e**y a Sinar wide bellows. Iīve received it in December but I wasnīt home. When I arrived (two months later), I inspected the bellows and I saw that it have two 1cm linear cuts. I contacted the seller but he told is too late to return the item.

My only choice is to glue it - until I will can buy another. I didnīt do this untill now. Do you can give me a little tutorial? Some indicated glue? The cyanoacrilate is not indicated because when dry can crack. The bellows material it looks to be textile. Someone of you does this kind of repair?

Any reccomendation is welcome.

thank you.

30-Mar-2010, 08:47
I would think any fabric glue and a couple of pieces of black cloth-backed vinyl would do the job. Try a fabric store. Unlike with bellows, the bag bellows don't leak at folds, and it's those folds that make it hard to make repairs on conventional bellows.

You can also orient the bag bellows in any direction that won't stress the repair with the Sinar mounting approach.

Rick "who would probably use black gaffer's tape...again and again and again" Denney

Mark Woods
30-Mar-2010, 09:24
I think the material is rubberized, if so, patch it like a tire. :-)

31-Mar-2010, 17:34
The material is not rubberized. The exterior as the interior are textile. I think that the middle is made by rubber or something lighttight. Te exterior of the bag is more plasticized but the texture is textil. I will look for a glue that fill the texture and stick the patch.

Yesterday Iīve made photos with a Horseman 4x5 monorail and the bag bellows was made of synthetic leather. I liked it very much. The Horseman bag bellows that Iīm talking is compatible with Sinar? It have the same mounting system? It look to be better made than mine.

It would be very usefull a tool like clonestamp of Ph...sh.p :)

good day everyone!