View Full Version : Tmax 400 soft emulsion question

John MacKechnie
29-Mar-2010, 04:48
I had difficulty with extremely soft emulsion on Tmax 400 which has the new graphic on the box, but the old style notches on the film. In any event, the emulsion was extremely soft and easily damaged.

The only change I made in my routine was to add Kodak Hypo Clearing Agent 1-4 after fixing for 6 minutes.

I processed the film in a unicolor drum with D-76 (7 minutes), stop, Kodak rapid fixer, hypo clear, and a 7 minute wash.

I handled the film as usual.

Any ideas.

It was my understanding that a hardener wasn't needed with modern films, but I'd be curious as to others handle this film.


29-Mar-2010, 06:50
I have developed several batches of TMax 400 new emulsion in 4X5 and 8X10 and have had no problems with soft emulsion. I use Kodafix which has hardener in it. Also I use Adox film and that emulsions is VERY soft when wet even after using the hardening fix.

Shawn Dougherty
29-Mar-2010, 07:15
I've developed 50 sheets of the TMY2 in 4x5 and probably 50 rolls of 120 without issue... all in Sprint Fixer

What sounds especially strange to me was the fact that the film had the "old style notches...?" - and in the NEW box? Something doesn't sound right there. Where did you source the film?


Gem Singer
29-Mar-2010, 07:31
Was the emulsion soft during the development stage, or after fixing?

Ken Lee
29-Mar-2010, 07:40
If you saw scratches at the end of processing, they could have occurred anywhere.

Next time, perhaps you can check at various stages, and determine just when the scratches get introduced.

It may have nothing to do with a change in Chemistry.

Using an Infra Red Viewing Device (http://www.kenleegallery.com/html/tech/index.html#Monocular) will help you see what you're doing, throughout the process.

Steve Gledhill
29-Mar-2010, 09:00
I've never experienced soft emulsion whilst processing hundreds of negatives of both the old and new emulsions.

... on Tmax 400 which has the new graphic on the box, but the old style notches on the film ...

This is very odd and suggest something ain't right. A mix up by Kodak during their product switchover could explain it, otherwise ... ?

Kevin Crisp
29-Mar-2010, 09:12
I've had no problems with this, I use Rapid Fix with the hardener added.

Shawn Dougherty
29-Mar-2010, 10:24
Actually, Kodak prints a picture of the notch on the back of the box. Which does your box show?