View Full Version : Where for E-6 Processing in the SF Bay Area?

Sideshow Bob
28-Mar-2010, 10:54
I just returned from a very productive photo trip but now I need a lab to process my film. I can do mail order but I would like to find a local lab, if possible. Any suggestions?


Bob Salomon
28-Mar-2010, 11:23
Gasser processes E6 but they may not do all sizes.

Dan Baumbach
28-Mar-2010, 16:46
Good question. There is a lab in SF, I think it's light wave or something like it and there is a lab in Berkeley. They're both pretty expensive, about $5 a sheet. I started sending my film to cheaper more distant labs.

- Dan

Daniel Stone
28-Mar-2010, 17:47
I know its not in SF, but if you're not in too much of a hurry, and can wait a few days, then there's Samy's in Santa Barbara. They do Terrific E-6. They use Fuji chems, but I haven't had any problems with them so far. ALL dip-n-dunk, c-41 and e-6. They do c-41 and e-6.(see pricelist on link below)

great prices too. they're doing a special right now: $5/roll for 35mm(mounted or unmounted) 120 or 220(yes, even 220)


check em out, they're very reasonable, and have a very fast turnaround for a lab whose business isn't primarily mail-order processing.



I haven't had any problems with them whatsoever.


28-Mar-2010, 21:02
You might try Oscars on either Brannen or Bryant afound 9th in DT SF. They have done 120 E-6 for me in the past with good results and they may also do 4x5 but check first.

I've been processing my own at home since Calypso moved to Santa Cruz so have not kept up with the labs. But Oscar's is still there!

28-Mar-2010, 21:05
LightWaves in SF is the last place I had 4x5 E-6 done. Their price and services sheet is here:


I only processed a few sheets but was happy with the service.


Kirk Fry
28-Mar-2010, 21:18
Another vote for Lightwaves. KFry.

28-Mar-2010, 21:27
I use Lightwaves/SF. They're fast, and the price for development (in all film sizes) seems reasonable to me. Roll film especially. With sheets, they're on par or slightly lower than other local labs.

I also patroned Oscar's for many years - their prices are competitive, but turnaround is significantly longer.
I believe both shops are dip'n'dunk.

What I will not do is mail out film. When NewLab was shutting down, they shipped all the final orders to A&I , whom promptly lost half my order, found it, then didn't mail all of it..<sigh>. Awful. And A&I is supposed to be so big and professional?! Not my experience.
It's not worth the worry/hassle to mail out, IMO. YMMV of course.

Sideshow Bob
30-Mar-2010, 08:43
Thanks to everyone for your responses. I've sent my film to Samy's In Santa Barbara. Lightwaves in SF was my second choose only because of cost. 4x5 processing at Samy's is $1.70/sh. and at Lightwaves it is $4.00 and with almost 100 sheets of film that's more than a $200 difference.

Thanks again,

30-Mar-2010, 09:10
If you had a Jobo, you could have processed them at home for forty cents per sheet.

30-Mar-2010, 16:50
If you can drive to the East Bay, Action Photo in Concord does it in house, sometimes same day even. I think I pay about $2.50/sheet or so, maybe a little less or more.

Sideshow Bob
30-Mar-2010, 19:12
Thanks, I'll check out Action Photo next time.

Jonny B
31-Mar-2010, 20:01
Hi Folks,

I just shot some 4x5 E-6 and was disappointed that Bay Photo no longer processes it on-site. So now it takes almost a week and costs the same. They are taking it up to SF to have it processed so....

Taylor, tell me about your Jobo ... :) I used one in college and it worked quite well. I never really thought of it for color work though, just B+W. Is it feasible if I only shoot 40 sheets a year?