View Full Version : JOBO 3010

Tim Kimbler
5-Dec-1998, 16:04
I use a JOBO 2500 tank on a Besler motor base for rotary developement of my film . It works good and I seldom have any problems. I am thinking about buying a 3 010 drum. Every thing I read says it is better development. Jobo says you must use a processor with this drum. My questions are ,can I use the 3010 drum with my Besler motor base for rotary development? Will I truly get a better negativ e? What is the foot pump for? I don't see a lid on the drum in the picture I h ave. What keeps the chemicals in when its on its side? Is it worth the expense of 200+ dollars to change?


Shigehiro Ishii
5-Dec-1998, 22:38
The JOBO 3000 series called "Expert Drum" is so heavy and huge. So I don't think it's possible to use with your Beseler. The Expert Drum requires larger JOBO processor like CPA-2 or CPP-2. You cannot use drums with CPE-2. The foot pump is needed when you open the drum lid.

William Marderness
3-Aug-1999, 13:59
I have been using a 3005 drum on the Beseler moter base, and it works fine. The chemicals do not spill out if there is less than 1500ml in the tank