View Full Version : Adorama paper

Carl Couchman
25-Mar-2010, 22:15
Anyone tried the Adorama paper?http://www.adorama.com/Als/ProductPage/VBF810250G.html#Reviews

Wondering if its Ilford, Kentmere, or Adox on the inside.



Carl Couchman
26-Mar-2010, 22:37
Well I called Adorama and they said it is LIKE Ilford. Based on the listed ISO I think it is Kentmere VC FB.

I believe Kentmere used to supply Freestyles Arista II paper.

Good paper but doesn't go above grade 3.

I'm considering testing some since it is the least expensive paper you can buy. Regardless I will continue to do business with Freestyle as much as possible.

Oren Grad
26-Mar-2010, 22:51
Wow - the Adorama price for the box of 250 8x10 is dirt cheap for an FB paper.

30-Mar-2010, 10:36
I've printed a bunch on Adorama VC paper... You can buy better papers, but the adorama is a spectacular value on paper. I have no complaints.