View Full Version : Case for my old style Arca-Swiss 8x10?

Darin Boville
25-Mar-2010, 15:07
Set me up with the right Coleman, or whatever works, guys. I won't be hiking with this but I will be transporting it on occasion. Hard cases solutions only.

I bought this off LFer Jared last Fall thinking I would get around to getting serious about it in the Spring--now it is Spring (heck, almost Summer).

I'll have two, maybe three lenses--a big ass 300 5.6 Nikkor and an almost equally big 240 f/9 Process-Nikkor in shutter. Might get something 450-ish later on. All on Arca-Swiss right now although I'm trying to decide if something smaller would be smarter.

A half dozen film holders. That's about it.

Also, should I cut down one of the rails in some way to make it more pack-able?



Darin Boville
27-Mar-2010, 14:36
Any ideas? Anyone? :)


30-Mar-2010, 08:21
If you have a 15cm/6" rail you can collapse the entire camera flat and fin ti various backpacks or suitcase style cases such as Tenba or pelican make.
They work well.