View Full Version : What kind of camera is this?

William McEwen
24-Mar-2010, 22:28

...and can you still get the birds that hide inside and use their beaks to chisel the image onto a stone tablet?

Jack Dahlgren
24-Mar-2010, 22:57
Slate-Granite 4x5 with a Rodenrock Apo-Silurian-S

Brook Martin
25-Mar-2010, 06:06
Be good for black obsidion ambrotypes

Vick Vickery
25-Mar-2010, 06:20
Good Heavens...a Birdaroid! Haven't seen one of those in years!

25-Mar-2010, 06:37
I'm not sure about the camera, but I'm pretty sure that lens is pre-war and uncoated.

25-Mar-2010, 07:32
Polorock, I'm pretty sure

25-Mar-2010, 08:04

Gem Singer
25-Mar-2010, 09:11
The artist probably used the original Zone I camera as a model, since the picture was drawn long before the Zone VI series came along.

However, that's a pretty good likeness of Fred Picker(or is it Ron Wisner?).

William McEwen
25-Mar-2010, 09:55
That's a pretty good likeness of Fred Picker(or is it Ron Wisner?).

HA HA. I thought it was Frank Petronio!

Gem Singer
25-Mar-2010, 10:00
Well, I'll be!

You're right William. It's a darned good likeness of Frank.

Ivan J. Eberle
25-Mar-2010, 15:16
I'm thinking that it's just gotta be the Littleman-Polarock conversion because--as everyone surely knows by now--William thought of it first.

(Here Fred demonstrates "You close your eyes, and we do the rest!")

anthony marsh
28-Mar-2010, 12:56
Obviously not a one of you have a clue.The camera is the famous RITTROCK

Phil Hudson
28-Mar-2010, 15:05
Or perhaps it is the long defunct hand held "Granite View"?