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24-Mar-2010, 16:07
I'm normally not one for this kind of gear, but I'm wondering a few things, are the discs removable? If I do remove the discs, what kind of clarity does the lens itself have. IE - Does a 250 sf without the discs have similar quality optics to a regular 250? Fujinon 250 vs. Fujinon 250 SF

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
24-Mar-2010, 16:18
Yes the disks on the Fujinon-SF are removable, however the softness is a result of optical design, not the disks. So no, removing the disks won't give you a sharp lens.

Speaking from personal experience, the Fujinon-SF never gets particularly sharp, even stopped down to f22 and beyond. Some soft focus lenses do get reasonably sharp stopped down.

24-Mar-2010, 16:40
Perfect, thanks.

Do you find a particular difference between an SF lens vs. a filter akin to a Softar?

Thanks again,

Ernest Purdum
24-Mar-2010, 17:05
There are big differences not only between lenses and SF filters but between various SF lenses.