View Full Version : Pricing help for Cambo 4x5 kit?

23-Mar-2010, 04:27
I am considering a Cambo 4x5 kit that looks very similar (identical to me) to the 45 N model on the Calumet site. It is probably 7-10 years old at least, but in very good condition and the back rotates. It comes with a mounted 135 Schneider and a few holders.

I'm very new to LF and I am interested in moving up (economically) from my Speed Graphic for occasional field use. I understand the weight and bulk issue with this setup but I don't know if I can try out full movement any cheaper than this - I think I can get it for 350-400 dollars.

Any advice on pricing or other alternatives to let me get a little deeper into LF would be appreciated.

Dan Fromm
23-Mar-2010, 05:01
For ideas on pricing:


http://www.keh.com/Class-Products/1/LF/6/55942/WG.aspx and http://www.mpex.com/browse.cfm/2,147.html

If you're set on having a slightly wide normal lens instead of a normal normal lens and don't want to wait for a used relatively modern 135 to turn up a KEH, wait for one to turn up here, look on eBay, ...

23-Mar-2010, 19:21
Thanks Dan