View Full Version : Polaroid problem

R. J. van de Hoef
14-Feb-2002, 15:54
Contineuing the question about the 545 polaroid back, i can say that i have clea nd the rollers as advised because i use one also with my bronica. There i found in the past some chemical residue but not with the 545. So i wonder wheter the r ollers are not thigt enought or that it has to do with the packaging of the film . Because each film is packed in a seperate sheet holder. Is it possible that wi th pulling up and down the protecting sheet you create a problem for the rollers .

Does any body know if for this pola back exist fuji film?

Many thanks for the quick reactions already and hope to here soon again.

R van de Hoef

Bill Jefferson
15-Feb-2002, 07:48
Hi, If you pull the packet out at any angle you can induce problems on the image, as in-complete coverage of the developer, mottle, the straighter the pull the better.