View Full Version : help newbie to choose view camera set

22-Mar-2010, 15:26
Please help newbie in choosing the right brand and accessories.
I would like to have compact and not expansive view (4x5) camera in my studio, with all necessary movements. I expect to have one maybe two lenses for tabletop or bigger sets. I also would like to use 6x9 120 film and maybe later have a possibility to add digital back.
The problem I have is to choose the right brand that will allow me all these features without serious investments in overpriced accessories.
Is the tag of 2000 euro realistic?
Can I actually mix some accessories from different brands?

Robert Hughes
22-Mar-2010, 15:31
Greetings and welcome, vostrushka. There are lots of available choices in cameras and lenses nowadays at every conceivable price point. If you want to become familiar with some of the equipment that's out here, start by taking a look at the articles QT Luong has written on the home site - this is where I started:


So read through these intro articles and come back for more specific answers to your questions. Ciao!

22-Mar-2010, 16:52
A good place to look for US Prices is www.keh.com. The lowest rail view camera they currently stock has a cost of $76.00 USD. This does not have a back or lens plates. You should be able to get set up with a good view camera and 135,150,210 mm lens for US $500.00

23-Mar-2010, 14:39
Thank you gentlemen. The information about cameras on this site is very reach.
I have got some ideas about the setup. I am going to look around where I can shop these things. Thanks a lot.