View Full Version : Noob question: Crown Graphic Shutters

22-Mar-2010, 15:24
Hi All,

I am beginning to experiment with a borrowed friends Crown Graphic before I made the leap to acquire my own 4x5. There is no PC connector on the lens in this camera. The lens is a Graflex Optar 135mm. My question is can I rig up a PC cable or a 3.5mm mono plug with clips to connect to the synchronizer contact posts to allow me to use studio strobes or a flash? Not knowing the function of these contacts, I'm a little leery to do it without asking.

Thank you

Steve Barber
22-Mar-2010, 16:59
Someone who knows more might chime in and tell you how to rig something up just for fun, but, if I were looking for a synch cord for a Graflex, I would start here:


22-Mar-2010, 18:27
Doing a rig like that isn't worth the effort when the proper two pin sync cords are still available.

Frank Petronio
22-Mar-2010, 18:41
Most likely it has an old school American two pinned sync connector rather than the Euro PC connector. Paramount makes sync cords that will take it out to either male or female PC or Household or Monoplug connectors.

They work just as well than PC connectors and probably provide a more solid connection.

Vick Vickery
22-Mar-2010, 19:13
The two post design (Bi-post) is an old system that still works great and cords to connect to it are readily available; if you have to have a PC outlet to work with your strobe, you can get a Bi-post to PC adapter from Paramount Cords (link in Steve's post) or, probably, on eBay.