View Full Version : Super-XX in PMK suggestions

Robbie Shymanski
22-Mar-2010, 11:13
Just unearthed some freezer fresh Super-XX and was looking suggestions for development times in Pyro PMK. I plan to test for personal film speed, but kinda don't wish to be wasteful.

22-Mar-2010, 11:52
Ask this over at Michael and Paula's site. I think it's the combo they use.

Drew Wiley
22-Mar-2010, 12:15
I have lab notes on this, but not here at the office. Might look for them tonite.

Drew Wiley
22-Mar-2010, 18:41
Found my old notes. Tray dev @ 80F 'N'= 10 min. @68F =12 min. Printed beautifully
on grade 3. Rated @ASA200

Robbie Shymanski
22-Mar-2010, 18:42
Thank you very much, sir.