View Full Version : Help with B&L Lens

21-Mar-2010, 17:42
Found this amongst the junk at our local camera show. Any ideas what it might be? The only info on the lens is "Bausch & Lomb Optical Co." and a serial number - 1306678.
It measures out to 6 1/2" f6. At first I thought it was a projection lens, but the waterhouse stop slot appears to be factory. Thanks for any info.

The images didn't load...here's a link to photobucket...

21-Mar-2010, 19:22
It looks like a small Petzval projection lens that was later cut for waterhouse stops. The slot doesn't look factory cut from the pic, but one way to tell is the presence of two internal rings to hold the stops in place. If you only see a single ring or no rings---it's most likely a projection lens. It doesn't matter as far as quality--just the ability to use stops. In any case, it looks like it'll make a very nice lens for 4x5 shooting.