View Full Version : Omega D5500 question

13-Feb-2002, 15:58
A recent posting on Omega enlargers jogged my memory into asking this question a bout my Omega D5500 with the D5500 color head.

There is a button on the controller that both moves the filters out of the light s path and zeros out the enlarger. After pushing the buttons, the controller is supposed to eventually show zero on each of the three colors. Unfortunately, o n two of the light multiplier boxes I have it sounds as if the motors controllin g the filters are heaving away but it never zeros out. In addition, the one lig ht multiplier box, for the 4X5, used to be able to zero out but now just whirs a round like the others. Anyone experience this problem and know how to fix/adjus t it?

Juan F. Blanco H.
22-Dec-2005, 12:06
Warm a litle the enlarger; push WHITE on keyboard; if you se when the silters STOP on WHITE LIGHT I think must be appear some numbers for each channel; if not with small screwdriver pullout cover of mechanism on the light box by right side you will see three smal holles with the screwdriver starting with the hight number and looking on the keyboard go dawn up to reach as close possible to 0 ( ZERO ) on each filters; when finish push FILTER key and must be working good