View Full Version : Character of Ilex Ocillo Paragon 75mm f1.9

Paul van der Hoof
13-Feb-2002, 14:07
Does any one know of the technical specs or character of the Ilex Ocillo Paragon 75mm f1.9 for macro work on 4x5. Found a beauty for cheap and was told it cove rs for macro on 4x5 but otherwise I'm in the dark on this one.

Jim Galli
13-Feb-2002, 18:45
Remember that they are corrected for the curvature of an older rounded CRT a few inches away and also for colors outside our normal spectrum. I've played with them at smaller aps to correct and was underwhelmed. A $9 flat field japanese enl. lens from ebay would likely be a better choice. The old #3 ilex'x can be useful. Good luck.

Pete Andrews
14-Feb-2002, 07:19
Yes, I tend to agree with Jim. Those old oscilloscope cameras weren't designed for high image quality, just to get a useable picture of the green 'scope trace. The wide aperture was necessary because the scope trace gets quite dim at fast sweep rates.I don't know about the 'paragon', but it might be similar to a Wollensack 'Oscillo-Raptar'. I've seen those with the same spec of 75mm focal length and f/1.9 aperture. The oscillo-raptar is at the top end of oscilloscope camera lens quality, which still ain't saying much. The shutter's probably the most valuable part of it.