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Peter Popp
13-Feb-2002, 14:04
Hi all. I'm going to make the jump to LF this summer and have a specific lens q uestion. If considering the Fujinon 125mm CM-W for my first lens, primarily for landscape work. My most used 35mm lens is a 35 mm for this purpose, and I want something for LF wider than 135 but not as wide as 90. The Fuji seems like the most reasonable lens between this range that will give adequate coverage but wo n't break the bank. So, why are the filters so big on Fuji lenses. I've read that the air-space design of these lenses makes them prone to flare, and I was w ondering if the large front-end of these lenses is supposed to act like a built- in hood.

Any reasons why you think I wouldn't be happy with this lens? Probably looking to get it from Badger.

Unless, of course, someone offers to sell me their Super Symmar HM 120mm cheap ; ).

Thanks, this is a great board.

Scott Walton
13-Feb-2002, 14:09
Fuji lens are great! I would stick with them, great contrast and resolution. Invest in a good filter... B+W by Schneider, you won't be disappointed. Cheers

Donald Brewster
13-Feb-2002, 14:36
Take a look at Kerry Thalmann's web site for answers on lenses in general and Fujinon in particular:


Jim Galli
13-Feb-2002, 16:14
Don't know what the price difference would be but you might want to also consider the Schneider 110XL. It probably is more $ than the Fuji but no one is giving either away and it's much lighter and smaller with a smaller front light.

David Karp
13-Feb-2002, 16:35

Here is something to consider. I have the prior version of the Fujinon 125mm f/5.6 with EBC multicoating. It uses 52mm filters. It is very compact, lightweight, and I am very happy with its performance. These are available on the used market from time to time.

As to the difference in image quality rendered by the newer vs. the older version, I have no basis for comparison. Perhaps Kerry Thalmann has an answer for this.

As to the reason for the large filter size, it appears that Fuji tried to standardize on one filter size for as many of the lenses in the CM-W series as possible, so you end up with the big filter ring on what would otherwise be a small lens. I think that Kerry Thalmann also discusses this on his website.

If you are worried about size, a used 125mm f/5.6 Fujinon W would be a good alternative. Plus, you would save some money!

mike rosenlof
13-Feb-2002, 17:12
I own this lens, and I really like the 67mm filter size because it is the same as my 210 and 360. The person who said Fuji tried to standardize on 67mm is correct. (my other lenses are not Fuji)

The lens is rather deeply recessed into its barrel, in effect a small lenshood, like you said, which is nice at times. I haven't noticed it particularly prone to flare. It's only a 5 (or is it 6?) element lens. It's nice and sharp, coverage is fine for 4x5, but I'm not one to bend my cameras into pretzels. I'm sure there are people who would find it limiting. I haven't had any reasons to be unhappy.

Glenn Kroeger
13-Feb-2002, 18:25
Jim and Peter: The Schneider 110XL is a spectacular lens, but it has the same 67mm front as the Fujinon, weighs 430g vs 265g for the Fujinon, and costs nearly twice as much as the Fujinon... so there really is a difference, particularly if you don't need the 280mm coverage of the 110XL.

Jim Galli
13-Feb-2002, 18:47
Are we talking about the same Fujinon? I think the poster was asking about the big f8 one that almost covers 8X10, not the 5.6? Jim

Peter Popp
13-Feb-2002, 19:04
I was referring to the CM-W 125/5.6 in my original post. It retails for $645 at Badger. I guess I should have been more specific. I would spring for the 110 XL if I could, but you know how it goes. Hard to justify that for 4x5 I think.

BTW - Thanks to everyone for their responses.

Todd Caudle
13-Feb-2002, 22:58
Peter, I also own the 125mm Fuji lens and think it's terrific! The filter size is bigger than it needs to be, but the lens is quite light. I went from a 135mm Symmar-S to the Fuji for it's slightly larger image circle, as well as a slightly wider lens than 135mm. It's a fantastic angle of view for landscapes. I bought mine from Badger last summer. Same price you're paying, if I remember correctly.