View Full Version : Help on Polaroid 8x10 (81-05 holder)

20-Mar-2010, 05:01
I know not many people are using that old version, but I did not manage to find a processor using the 81-06 holders:confused: .
I have the "old" processor (the one without the additional tray in front)
>> Would anyone have instructions to use the 81-05 holder?
It seems quite cumbersome to use, and the instruction for the 81-06 versions are really different (they are the only one I found so far on the internet)

As the 809 films are quite hard to come by, I would prefer not spending them all by too much experimenting :)

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20-Mar-2010, 22:51
You can go to:

Scroll down the menu on the left and click on Graflex Manuals
Scroll down on the right side and look for the Polaroid 8105 manual. It's a poor quality PDF file. Don't complain to me though. Way back when, Polaroid sent me a collection of jpg's and this is the best I could do...

21-Mar-2010, 04:44
Great! I think you just saved me :)
Funny though that they needed so many pictures to explain how to use that machine. I guess that's definitely a proof that this first design was not so "optimized" :D

I'll try that today!
Best Regards from Paris