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19-Mar-2010, 16:56
So I bought an old View Camera on eBay.

The lens is a C.P. Goerz Am. Opt. Co. Apochromat Artar 6 inch f/9 Serial No: 774611.

The lens has a regular fstop control (f/9-64 ) and it also has thin rotating "control" on the inside of the f stop rim separate from the fstop. It's knurled so it would appear to have or had some functionality and rotates about 90 deg. There is no scale or index. What is/was this for?


Steve Hamley
19-Mar-2010, 17:47
It's a filter slot.

Cheers Steve

N Dhananjay
19-Mar-2010, 18:37
Its a slot designed to received either filters or waterhouse stops (which needs not have had round apertures) - mostly for use in graphic arts and repro work. DJ

19-Mar-2010, 19:26
Ok, I understand.

Anybody has specs on the slot dimensions?

In terms of LF work, any reason or occasion where you would use this "feature"?

Any comments with regards to usability/limitations of this lens?


Ernest Purdum
19-Mar-2010, 21:26
The original purpose of this lens was close work, copying and the like, so it is particularly appropriate for 1:1 reproduction or even slight magnification if you have enough bellows, though the latter is limited because of the small aperture.

Despite this specialty, many people have been happy with these lenses at normal distances. Give it a workout and see what happens. With these older lenses, condition is apt to be more important than what variety it is.

I doubt if you will have use for the slot, though some people put filters in there.

Steve Hamley
20-Mar-2010, 05:23
Also, be sure the slot stays closed or you will be unpleasantly surprised....

Cheers. Steve

20-Mar-2010, 21:28
Thanks for the advice and information! It won't be the last time.

Off to LF land!