View Full Version : Antique Brass barrel lenses?

19-Mar-2010, 14:03
Where would I go to look for some antique brass barrel lenses? I am looking to build a 4x5 specifically for antique processes (mostly tintypes, dags, and wet-plate) and i figure I should start with the lenses and work my body design around them.

Thank you

19-Mar-2010, 15:10
evil-Bay has a constant turnover of old brass lenses
the for sale section of this forum has them come up often
try any local camera fairs and collectors' club meets
stop in any flea market and antique/junk shop you pass by
if you have time look at auctions that might be selling estate lots
where I am [Australia] there's a regular magazine that's 99% ads for camera junque so you may have something similar if you look?

of course, you can post a "wanted to buy" thread in the for sale section here !!!

good luck :)

Jim Galli
19-Mar-2010, 15:10
No quick easy answers. The where is Ebay of course, and also right here in the classifieds once you're established here. There are thousands of possibilities and no quick easy way to figure it all out. 4X5 is a problem for you as most of the lenses in the time frame you're after were geared to full plate and 8X10.

The Lens collectors Vade Mecum is available for download or by CD on line at Ebay. Do a search for that. Then when you're looking on Ebay at least you can look in there and try to learn something about the lenses in question.

Good luck.