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19-Mar-2010, 03:03
Hi all,

I'm pretty new at LF photography but have been doing some successful tests recently. Ive taken around 12 sheets of film without any problems.

The last picture I took came back from the lab looking really strange. I came home and did a test scan and it looks horrible (see attachment), something went wrong somewhere but I have no idea...

Afterwards I compared the negative to some of the other negatives Ive taken. The only thing I noticed was that there are small areas near the border of the negative where its dark on the shot I screwed up, but looks clean when compared to other negatives Ive taken. I attached the 2 close ups of the negatives as well

Any insight would be appreciated!
Thanks in advance

Ken Lee
19-Mar-2010, 08:01
Looks like a double exposure to me.

We're talking with the subject, and we forget to flip the dark slide after the shot. Later, we reach for the same holder and expose the same sheet twice.

It's doubly disappointing, because we spoil 2 photos in the process.

It's a classic :)

19-Mar-2010, 17:31
I'm guessing you loading the film backwards in the holder.The code notch should be in the upper right corner when loading film. The image was not recorded on the emulsion side. Try loading a holder backwards and see what happens.

20-Mar-2010, 08:32
You are showing us the middle picture of a negative that has some fog from a little leakage from the super-over exposure. That film holder will probably still be OK in normal use, so I'd not worry about it.

Most common cause of the super-over exposure is probably forgetting to close the shutter when pulling the darkslide (which is what your negative shows; longer than planned exposure time)
Second most common would probably be forgetting to stop down (which which you may have also done, but in itself that won't cause the motion blur).