View Full Version : Ilfochrome Chemistry Replenishers

Renato Tonelli
18-Mar-2010, 18:56
How do you use the Ilfochrome replenishers? Do you remove, say, half the developer from the processor and replace it with an equal amount of Replenisher? Less? More? What is the ratio?
Is the rate of replenishment the same for the other two chemicals.

I am using an automated processor (Printo) - each bath holds 2.5 Litres.
I have never used replenishers with any process. I now have a stash of Ilfochrome chemistry, including the replenisher for each chemical (Dev. Bleach, Fix).

The Ilfochrome site has absolutely nothing to say about it. I find this lack of information astounding - or maybe I haven't found it yet.

Drew Wiley
18-Mar-2010, 20:01
I think it is easier to use chemistry one-shot using P-3 starter. But there are replenishment rates given in the P3X/P3XL Technical Data Sheet on the Ilfochrome