View Full Version : 135 Apo Symmar, Fold into a Linhof V?

13-Feb-2002, 07:57
Sorry to ask such an inane question, I've been offered a Schneider 135 Apo Symma r (new), good price, mail order. Does this lens fold into the Linhof Technica li ke the Rodenstock 135? (it's a toss up between those two).



Jeff Scott
13-Feb-2002, 08:26
As long as the filter size is not larger than 52mm the lens should fit even with a flat lensboard; my 240 G-Claron fits in with a flat board.

Bob Salomon
13-Feb-2002, 10:23
Yes and the official factory recommendation is to do this with the 001016 lens board. That is the same recessed one as used with the 150 when keeping it in the camera.