View Full Version : Linhof Cable Release & Quick Connect

William D. Lester
12-Feb-2002, 12:31
I have a Linhof Super Technika V. I an using a 150mm lens in a 1016 lensboard wi th a Linhof cable release that I think is about 16 inches long. Does Linhof or a nyone else make a long cable release. I am thinking of something like the bulb t ype that have a coiled up tube on a reel. I don't know if the tip would engage t he quick release mechanism on the lens board.

Bob Salomon
12-Feb-2002, 14:02
Linhof makes cable releases up to 29.5"

For use with the cable release QR system you should also add the 041066 nipple to the release to ensure that it locks properly. Linhof service sells the cone.

Linhof cable releases are sold by any HP dealer in the US.