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12-Feb-2002, 18:52
the rodenstock lenses, or especiallz the 35mm grandagon have a focus shifting of 0,6millimeter, i heard from a technican from schneider-kreuznach. i just bought this lense to work with 6x12cm film and i would be glad to receive some experie nces about this fact. with which aperture appear the shift? and in which direction is shifting the len se....in the direction of infinitive or in the direction of more closed distance s. and,,,is this shift visible....or is it compensated with the closer hyperfoca l distance....i could not realise till now this effect,- although i havebt shot a serios test....only paying attention to the sharpness on my screen............ thanks for sharing your experiences..... rainer

Bob Salomon
12-Feb-2002, 18:56
"i heard from a technican from schneider-kreuznach"

Since you are in Germany why don't you ask Rodenstock?

12-Feb-2002, 19:17
i was searching just now their website.....but i could only find stuff about their glasses...nothing bout objectives....do you have some contact tel.number or website? greatings...

Bob Salomon
12-Feb-2002, 19:37
You can go to our web site and link to them.


Rodenstock Precision Optical is a division of Linos. Not a division of Rodenstock Optical.

So you can also link to Linos.

Rodenstock Precision Optical is in Munich.

neil poulsen
13-Feb-2002, 00:11
Does Rodenstock finally have a webpage for the LF lenses? The only thing that I've been able to find in the past is information about their copy lenses.

Bob Salomon
13-Feb-2002, 05:53
We mail very complete, multiple page booklets of specs at no charge.

Glenn Kroeger
13-Feb-2002, 06:57

Rodenstock has the following on the web:

This page is old, but has a chart of lenses (not all of the digital lenses) with dimensions and weights:


This page is newer, and although it lacks weights, has more up to date list of lenses including the complete digital line:


No performance data except through the booklets available from HP Marketing in the US.

13-Feb-2002, 16:32
so i wrote an email to rodenstock...and i hope they will answer soon. actually now i am shooting in spain...and i started to use this lense a lot of on 6x12cm film, although i havent seen any film made with the lense....hoping that this shift zone will be compensated by the closer hyperfocus. on their web page i cannt find any information about focus shifts....anyway would be a wonder if they write about this detail in pubil.....finally some people could think thats a shame for a modern lense............... anyway...some infos about wouldnt be a bad idea. another problem from grand angulons from both companies schneider and rodenstock i will start to write about in a newe treat.i would also like to listen from other fotographers experiences or solutions.....

14-Feb-2002, 16:53
very fast answer i received from rodenstock to my email question,- i phoned them also today so i know more now- thats great. they wrote that there is a shift of the focus about +0,16mm by aperture 8 and +0,25mm by ap.11 in the center. this means if the sharp zone has to be exact definied the focus has to be put little bit more in the direction of closed things.......if the hyperfocal distance has not to be exact definied, the picture will become sharp, cause the infinity point remains with the shift too in the sharp zone.....

Bob Salomon
14-Feb-2002, 20:13
"+0,16mm by aperture 8 and +0,25mm by ap.11 "

Doesn't appear that the original information you received was correct?

Maybe it would be best to check first and post later.

15-Feb-2002, 06:56
what you mean bob? ofcourse this was the original info of rodenstock......the 0,6 mm i wrote in the beginning is the shift for 22 aperture.....

15-Feb-2002, 06:58
and the info with the 0,6mm gave me a technican from schneider- kreuznach.....so exactly this i wanted to check out here if the info was right or wrong. it seems that it was right.....dont you think so?

Bob Salomon
15-Feb-2002, 07:27
0.6 or 0.25.

You now say they are both at f11.

You will get too much cut off using the 0.9 CF with a 35 or 45mm lens due to the rim.

15-Feb-2002, 08:21
o.16mm with app.8 ( info from rodenstock) 0.25mm with app.11 ( " " " ) 0.6mm max. shift (app.22) ( " " SCHNEIDER )

Bob Salomon
15-Feb-2002, 08:25
The Apo Grandagon is optimized at f11 not f22 (see Rodenstock's literature). At 22 you are in diffraction.

15-Feb-2002, 09:04
yes...therefore i wrote above the 0.16 and the 0.25 values for foc.8 + 11. and not the 0.6- and i was happy to receive this more detailled answer from rodenstock fast......cause i like to use the lense .