View Full Version : Cambo SC (4x5) and Wista 6x9 roll film holder

17-Mar-2010, 06:26
I've recently bought a CAMBO SC and have started "playing" with it, but then on impulse :eek: bought a Wista Type N roll film back only I don't see how it fits:confused: . Do I need to actually remove the ground glass from it's frame and replace with the roll film holder? and if so how do I then focus?:mad: Or is there a board - like a lens board - for the rear standard that will hold the Wista? Could this be made from a sheet of Ali (I've made a couple of lens boards, but the film plane needs to be EXACTLY the same as the ground glass) The Wista seems to have a ridge across it just below the aperture - what's that for?:(

Sorry if this is all "obvious" - or maybe I've missed a previous thread that explains it all.

17-Mar-2010, 10:37
Having "played" a bit more I've now got it - and understood what those strange sliders are for in the process.

DON'T do what I did first, and try to force the Wista in where the dark slide usually goes. It fits - just - but damages the back of the Wista and the ground glass in the process.

Proper process: Either side of the ground glass screen are unpainted aluminium arms that are spring loaded - these allow the dark slide holding film to be slipped between the ground glass screen and the housing that locks into the rear standard and hold it tight against the film plane. Mine have 2 thumb-indentations with knurling - push these IN and slide the ground glass screen section UP - it comes away. Place the Wista in its place and slide the other two unpainted bits - the slides - down to hold it in place.

Vick Vickery
17-Mar-2010, 18:30
Glad you figured it out...wish I'd seen the post before you scratched up your back and ground glass! Now you know why everybody wants Graflok-type backs on their 4x5 cameras.

18-Mar-2010, 07:44
Not too much damage done - a little more of the paint came off, and it didn't stain the glass permanently, but it easily could have.