View Full Version : One-shot camera?

17-Mar-2010, 01:46
I would be grateful if anyone could help me identify this camera. (Unfortunately, this is the best resolution available.


My grandfather used a number of tricolor cameras in the early '40s and I believe this is one of them but I can't identify the model or the make. From surviving documentation, it appears that he used cameras by Bermpohl, National Photocolor and Devin, it also states that he took one form NPC on this assignment but I'm not sure about the unit in the photo.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Peter K
17-Mar-2010, 05:36
Here (http://www.vintagephoto.tv/index.shtml) you can find informations about tri-color cameras like Bermpohl, Devin etc.

17-Mar-2010, 06:52
Thank you for your suggestion.
I initially thought it looked like a 9x12cm Bermpohl Naturfarbenkamera (the position of the front angled mirror is visible along the top of the camera). However the camera in the picture also appears to have the rear mirror box section detached and none of the Bermpohl models I've seen allows this.