View Full Version : Used Linhof 5x7 vs. new Tachi 5x7

Ben Calwell
11-Feb-2002, 11:00
Sorry to still be obsessing/agonizing over this, but I have yet another 5x7 ques tion before I fork over my hard earned dollars. Given a choice, would you grizzl ed LF veterans go for a used Linhof 5x7 (assuming it is in good, workable shape) or a NEW Tachihara 5x7? Your valued comments are appreciated.

Riaan Lombard
12-Feb-2002, 07:29
I have a 5x7 tech III which I'm really happy with (movements/shifts - enough already!). It's about as fragile as a cannon ball, only half as heavy, not more difficult to operate and much,much more pretty. Range focusing can be useful if you do candids - don't laugh! - and a viewfinder is an added bonus(expensive apart?). Just be careful - when you open it up the PeopleGapingAndWalkingWideCircles2000 magnetic perimeter defence system automatically activates with alarming suddenness.

Jan erala
12-Feb-2002, 16:03
I have owned both cameras. The Linhof was my first 5x7 and I used it about one year before I got a little tired about the weight and the lack of front fall. In the tech cameras you have to use the drop bed function instead of lens fall, which I felt a little messy to use. Then I found in Sweden a lovely Nagaoka, so lightweight,that I could carry it in the pocket of my winterjacket. Well, this was otherwise nice, but because the lack of some sturdiness I bought a new Tachi. This was of rosewood,stainless steel knobs,and very stable, but not any lightweighter as the 4x5 and 8x10 Tachiis I've had. In my mind it is a very good camera, and I stopped using it only because I moved up to 8x10. I have always liked the fine fresnels of the Tachihara, and in fact, I have a Tachi fresnel mounted on my Phillips now. If you have the habit of shooting scenes that constantly needs a lot of fall (as I do )and want a rugged camera for nature/outdoor use, take the Tachi. In an urban mileu I would choose the tech, because of people recognicing it for a camera,and not any funny joke. But both cameras are ecxellent tools, and I don't think you can't do any big miss whichever you choose. Jan

Brian Ellis
13-Feb-2002, 09:10
If you're planning to use it anywhere other than the studio or possibly a few hundred feet from the car, to me there would be no question. The Linhof w5x7 weighs something like 15 pounds, the Tachihara probably weighs something like five or six pounds.

Riaan Lombard
13-Feb-2002, 10:27
Hmmm, Ben, I have to agree the Tachi would not at all be a bad choice either, and Brian has a point. But about dropping the bed - it is something you can get used to. Dang!!, I almost forgot - make sure the focus lock is still in good shape if you are planning on getting used to dropping the bed... gravity being what it is!

Christopher Condit
17-Sep-2003, 17:05
I've always wanted a Technika. I've never wanted a Tachihara. But then I shoot mostly in the city, close to home or car, and almost never need front drop (except two days ago!). The Tachi is in many ways a more practical camera, but, in terms of LF anyways, no one has ever accused me of being practical!


David A. Goldfarb
17-Sep-2003, 17:14
On the 4x5" Tech V you can remove the accessory shoe to mount the camera upside down for front fall. Isn't this the case on the 5x7"? It sounds wonky, but it actually works quite well. If I'm generally shooting with groundglass focusing instead of the rangefinder and think I might need front drop, I tend to leave the shoe off so I can quickly flip the camera upside down when needed.

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
17-Sep-2003, 21:46
Hmm, hard choice. Personally I wouldn't consider either of them: the Technika while nice to play with is too limited in movements and too heavy for field work, the Tachihara while attractive, is in my experience, too flimsy and not worth $1200. I bought a used Canham 5x7 (for the price of a new Tachnihara) a five years ago and have not regretted it.